With Sails Unfurled!

“With sails unfurled!”  This was a line in a Star Trek TV show, the second round with Captain Picard.  They had come across beings on another planet who were remarkably human-like but spoke in images and allegories. Even though they had a translating app, they still couldn’t understand the context. Eventually, Picard learned all their history and literature and surmised what they were trying to say.

Of course I can’t remember any other lines but I remember, “With sails unfurled!” meant taking their space ships and flying full speed ahead.

I love that still. Thanks, Prompt, for reminding me of an old favourite expression. Soon I’ll be retiring from my thankless job which takes up too much of my time. I’m looking forward to freedom…… with sails unfurled!

star trek2



Well, Hell! I went to Google images and found there are a lot of people who remember lines from this episode; all different from what I remembered. Fascinating!

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