Prompt; Jiffy

My phone rang yesterday morning at 7:45 a.m. so I could easily guess who it was. It was work; the assistant manager gave me a sarcastically sweet, “Good Morning!”

She said someone phoned in sick so would I come in as soon as I could. ‘Sure’, I said. With this many days off I don’t mind getting called in. I’m sure they would like me to be there in a jiffy but these days a jiffy is about an hour and a half.

I can’t fall out of bed and get in my car as some do, drive through at Timmies and onto work: I need coffee to go get coffee. Two coffees, actually, while doing computer stuff, unrushed time for body functions, a little make-up (I don’t go anywhere without eyebrows) and pack my lunch which is always smoked cheddar cheese with Veganaisse on 7-grain bread. I’ve had the same lunch for four years (but only at work) and I still love it.

Getting to work in the summer takes 40 minutes because I have to go the long way to get around all the tourists between The Pinery and Grand Bend. Sometimes it can take a half-hour just to get through town there is so much stop-and-go traffic so I never risk it; I go around all summer. No popping over to the store in a jiffy in the summer in Grand Bend.

I punched in at 9:45; two hours from when she called but they were still happy to see me. We had one hell of a day, worked in a frenzy until 5:45. I was on ‘breads’ and was happy not to being doing cakes for a change. I sliced bread for the first half-hour, shielded from the customers; nice way to ease into the day.

That’s a great thing about getting older, too: no one expects you to be there ‘in a jiffy’. Screw your Jiffy!

I was looking for a funny meme for ‘in a jiffy’ and came across this; I had to share.

jiffy butt

Three more weeks until Labour Day! It will go by in a jiffy!


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