Deliver Onto Me

Delivery is a wonderful thing. Nowadays you can have anything you want delivered to your door. If I had lots of money, I would probably sit in my pajamas and order stuff; furniture, shoes, parts for broken appliances, new appliances; whatever I fancied. Yes, I would be a crazy old lady hermit in no time.

Last year I wanted a solar-powered water fountain and couldn’t get it around here or at Wal-Mart so I went on-line, ordered it and it was delivered within the week. This probably doesn’t sound like much to you younger people but to my generation it’s still amazing! You don’t have to drive to the city and park and look for the thing; it just comes to your door! Wow!

This is how old I am; I remember getting milk delivered by a horse-drawn milk wagon. Queenie, the milk horse, old and sway backed, moved very slow. She hardly even blinked when we went to pat her. We lived on a cul-de-sac so the milkman could park Queenie in front of our house and deliver to four houses, much to my dad’s chagrin. This little break was a good time for her to poop so we often had horse apples in front of our home.

milk wagon

All homes built in the 1950’s had little cubbies by the back door with little doors so the milkman could put in your glass bottles of milk and cream from the outside, and you could get them from your little door on the inside. He picked up your empty bottles as these were recyclable. This was so modern; no more milk souring on the front porch.

milk shute


milk bottles

Now milk isn’t delivered but everything else in the whole world is. That’s freaking amazing!

But one thing I can’t get delivered is restaurant food; like Indian, Thai and any other fabulous vegetarian meals. That would be a major factor in deciding to sell my house and move to London. This would only happen if and when I decide to give up driving and owning a car. By that time, there will be (and probably already is) some service that gets any restaurant food and delivers it to your door. I don’t even want to go to the restaurant; I want it delivered. This probably is dreaming because I could never afford that on basic OAP but so what? I’m not too old to have DREAMS!

Now Costco has a delivery service and you don’t even have to be a member! Oh yeah, if I had disposable income I’d have everything delivered!

One thought on “Deliver Onto Me

  1. “Now milk isn’t delivered but everything else in the whole world is.”

    That IS freaking amazing!

    We ordered our queen-sized captain’s bed from Walmart – delivered to the door, assembly required. When cat food was on special, hubby ordered 20 cases and it was delivered to the post office. That was last summer. The cats are still working their way through the pile of tins.

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