SoCS: From Low to High

I’m going to get high today and be one with nature. I’m so happy! Something wonderful happened.

I was very low last week. The third day of seven-hour shifts I broke and snapped at the owner that there wasn’t enough people to do what we needed to do. I had one day off to stew about it and dread the next 4 weeks. I had a speech planned to my boss to give my hours to other people; I’d had it.

One day off at a time is not enough. So I went in the following day with lead feet. But lo and behold!  There were four people bustling around, laughing and joking, and there’s a new girl!

I shook her hand, “I’m so happy to meet you!”

Not only that she worked in cakes at another Sobeys so she’s practically trained.

Later, I checked my schedule and two days were crossed off leaving me with only two shifts. It may be meant to punish me but who cares? I’m elated!

So today I am high. It’s cool and breezy, perfect for weeding. My garden has made me feel very low when I look out at it, now I can get high and make it nice. Not too hot, no mosquitoes……..  aahhhhhh!

This shows me to hang on when feeling low and persevere; it makes you really appreciate the highs.



One thought on “SoCS: From Low to High

  1. Wonderful! Reading your previous post made me a little depressed as I was thinking about me aging and squeezing survival out of some job I’ll probably hate. I’m glad you went in so you didn’t have to spend your entire day miserable thinking of work. Enjoy your time off.

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