SoCS: From Low to High

I’m going to get high today and be one with nature. I’m so happy! Something wonderful happened.

I was very low last week. The third day of seven-hour shifts I broke and snapped at the owner that there wasn’t enough people to do what we needed to do. I had one day off to stew about it and dread the next 4 weeks. I had a speech planned to my boss to give my hours to other people; I’d had it.

One day off at a time is not enough. So I went in the following day with lead feet. But lo and behold!  There were four people bustling around, laughing and joking, and there’s a new girl!

I shook her hand, “I’m so happy to meet you!”

Not only that she worked in cakes at another Sobeys so she’s practically trained.

Later, I checked my schedule and two days were crossed off leaving me with only two shifts. It may be meant to punish me but who cares? I’m elated!

So today I am high. It’s cool and breezy, perfect for weeding. My garden has made me feel very low when I look out at it, now I can get high and make it nice. Not too hot, no mosquitoes……..  aahhhhhh!

This shows me to hang on when feeling low and persevere; it makes you really appreciate the highs.