Perfect Day at the Powwow

Yesterday was perfect weather for the Powwow. It was cool and breezy, the lake  had whitecaps which is unusual for our shallow beach. I live in a strip of land in the middle of a split reserve; Kettle and Stony Point. (Some still say its Stoney) so I took the back road into the reserve taking me past the beaches and around the actual Kettle Point.

Stock shot off the internet of a kettle and Kettle Point.

I continued past the marinas and cottages to the Powwow grounds and parked under a tree along the road. I could back in, making it easy to drive out; a perfect spot. Getting out of my car, another was backing in beside me. It was the people I was meeting: my niece-in-law, grandniece, my sister and her friend.

Seniors (over 60) are free so the woman at the admissions said, “Step right through, Ladies!”.

I said “Well, you could’ve at least asked!” and we all laughed. A young man stamped my hand which was a beautiful dream catcher. It was smeared so I asked him to do the other hand, that one smeared too but least I had both halves.

We found a perfect spot where the shade was just coming around and we set up our lawn chairs behind a slumped old lady and a little girl. The breeze was stronger off the lake giving a little shiver sometimes but no one was complaining after the oppressive heat we’ve had.

A Powwow is not somewhere you go around telling people you are vegetarian. I would totally expect to be sniggered at. An Indian Taco is what everyone goes for; basically a quarter pound of ground beef on a big wheat taco with a few vegetables on top. However, I found a smaller booth with corn tortillas and beans who would leave out the meat. They had extra tomato, lettuce and sour cream topping. It was so good I went back for another.

The drumming starts for Grand Entry and all the dancers go around the dance circle. It always starts with the veterans. It’s a good reminder of how many have fought for our country while being so badly treated. Then there is a speech and a prayer giving thanks to the Creator.

Too bad someone is in the middle but it was such a good flag shot!

There weren’t many dancers unfortunately. It was Saturday so hopefully many more would arrive later and compete today.  Each category was spread out around the dance circle so it was hard to get a photo of a group of dancers. I was disappointed in my photos. Here’s the best one;

girls 7 to 12,  Fancy Shawl Dancers



The colours and sparkles in the sun and wind were magical. The drums and the singing fills your heart. It really is wonderful. I urge everyone to find their local reserve and go to its Powwow. It is for everyone and a great way to bring the communities together.

There are booths with fantastic Native crafts. You have to a walk around around first and scout it out or you run out of money fast.  I bought a necklace for $10, some Sweetgrass oil and a cool night-light;


I did run out of money except for the $50 bill I stashed in my wallet pocket in case I found something fabulous. I decided candy floss was not a good enough reason to break it.

I got to dance, too; my grand-niece is one-quarter native and very interested in dancing. We did a spot dance together. That’s for anyone and everyone; when the music stops; who ever is on the ‘spot’ wins a prize. This time it was $35.  I’ve heard Six Nations Powwow has a ‘Wannabe’ dance competition for non-natives. It’s wonderful getting in there and stepping to the drums. If you have kids or grandkids…. take them to a Powwow!

Just when I was starting to get tired the ladies decided we were leaving. We said our goodbyes and I drove back the long way around the Point and along the beach.

It was the perfect time to get some sun and a nap. Not too hot and close to 5:00 p.m.; a gently breeze blowing. I was drifting off between motorcycles when I heard my neighbours fighting. I tried hard to hear what they were yelling but it was muffled by the breeze blowing through the leaves and passing motorcycles. Finally, I gave up and went in to continue my nap on the couch; still lying in the sun with a soft breeze blowing across me.  Heavenly!

A perfect day.

Today is gorgeous, weather-wise,  but I have to go into work tonight; 5:00 to 10:00. Horrible. The cloud of ‘going in’ hangs over my day. On one hand I hope they don’t call me in early, on the other hand, there may be more work than I can do in 5 hours and I’ll be alone to serve customers, too. It’s very stressful. Just driving in is tiring because of all the tourists. Now I have to give myself 45 minutes to get to work.

Luckily I don’t have to work tomorrow and can deal with my broken-down lawn mower. Life is so rarely perfect so it sure is nice when things go right.


OMG! When I wrote this post the daily prompt was not up yet. I published it anyway then went to look to see if the prompt came up. I’m not sure whether to link this or not! Savage is what we used to call Indigenous People. This dancing and drumming was illegal in our lifetime!  Let’s all celebrate reconciliation!