I am extremely relieved today. Relieved this is the first day of three days off. Relieved it’s not hot and humid so I can open my windows; hear the birds and feel the breeze.

Last night I worked until 10:00 p.m. That extra hour at night seems so long and late. I started my shift at 4:00 and relieved the day person leaving her shift. She had been on alone for several hours and was in a frenzy getting her work done, not leaving it for me. I love her.

There were two birthday cake orders to fill then I made Fudge Brownie Bar cakes. That’s chocolate cake covered with fudge icing, sided with chocolate curls, nine halved brownies stuck in the top and drizzled with caramel sauce.  Yeah, it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. I ate a little too much fudge icing: its in a huge bucket and doesn’t need refrigeration but it’s, oh so good.

I usually do the ‘dishes’ before I go for my break but there was a big stack of trays and it was already close to 7:00 p.m.  When I get a half-hour break I’ll go sit in my car. The employee parking lot is beside a small wood lot making it so much better than the refrigerated lunch room with the announcements, music and talking people. They have these vinyl chairs that are like sitting on ice only sweaty.  To my great relief the heat and humidity had broken and a cool breeze blew through the open windows of my car. It was a very pleasant break.

So I didn’t feel too bad when I went back in to do the dishes, clean work counters, break down cardboard boxes and take them to the compactor, wash the floors, count and toss the leftover bin buns…. etc. Relieved I was done at 9:55 and had the last five minutes to ‘face out’ the commercial breads (tidy and bring forward).

Relieved driving home that I got a lot accomplished and didn’t have anything weighing on my mind. A job well done.

So that’s why today I am extremely relieved. No worries, no dramas to turn around in my head, no feelings of inadequacy. And it’s nice out! The last few days have been so hot and humid I’ve had to keep my windows and curtains closed. It’s so frustrating to see its breezy outside, then open the window and get slapped by hot, wet air. Today all the windows are open and hopefully can stay open. I even feel good enough to do some things outside.

Yes, relieved is an understatement of how I feel today.