Enter; Stage Right

The drama continues. No prompts here today, only an update on the drama that is going on at my job. This serves two purposes; anyone who read yesterdays SoSC prompt and wants to know what happens can find out if they are curious. The other purpose is to get it off my chest so I don’t drive my sister crazy on a beautiful weekend.

We enter Scene 2 when I go into work, not knowing if my co-worker went in the day before or called in with a ‘headache’ as she told me she was going to.

She did go in but left early with a headache. She did the most important cake orders but left a doozie: six six-packs of cupcakes, with white and purple icing. A custom purple: the woman who ordered brought in a piece of purple paper for us to match. She wanted half in whipped icing and half in buttercream icing. So that’s two different batches of custom purple icing that match perfectly, and two different kinds of white icing. This was to be alternated on white and chocolate cupcakes. Confusing? It was much worse scribbled on a cake order.

My boss made the custom purple icings the night before along with a lot of specialty cakes we needed for this weekend. He had been in the day before at 4:00 a.m. to unload a truck order we needed for buns. Then he went home, rested a few hours and went back and worked noon – 11:00 p.m. because he was MIC (manager in charge) for that night.  Yes, she did it when he had this much work.

He was already in the next morning when I got there and was not in a good mood. He snapped “You have one hour to refill the cakes and pastries then do this order before noon!” Everything in the pastry counter was expired.

I couldn’t ask if she went in because I don’t break confidences. He started to tell me all that he had done the day before, so I could innocently ask, “Wasn’t ___ here?”  He said she went home early with a headache.

It was very busy at the store…. the whole town was hopping on a hot Saturday. I worked as fast as I could which is never fast enough for my boss. There were constant interruptions to slice bread, write on cakes, replace cakes, etc. so I had to stop and change my gloves every few minutes then get back to the white and purple cupcake order.

I got through the day OK. Got the order done on time and well done I might add. She was very happy. My boss made me feel adequate which is good enough.

My co-worker came in on time and there was tension but she acted as if she was OK with me. I had two cakes orders done for the next day putting her ahead of the game. She’s good at her job, better than me, I wish she would just do it and leave the drama at home.

My boss still had two more hours of work after I left. The poor guy is so tired; I’m glad he has today off.

I’m working 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. today. Soon we will  have to keep the bakery open until 10:00. I’ve got to admit…… this job is getting to me.