On Smelling… SoCS

Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is ‘smell’. My stream of consciousness goes into babble mode immediately.

A few months ago I wrote about a phantom smell that drove me crazy for days, washing all my throws, work clothes….. anything washable that might be stinky. Finally I recognized the smell as cat-come on my firewood that I was bringing in and the ceiling fan was gently wafting the smell around as it warmed.

The worst smell I work with is seafood and the lobster tank. Oh, please people, stop the demand for live lobster. That tank is so disgusting. And they have to be alive because you need to boil them alive!? Seriously!? Sometimes the tank stinks so much you smell it when you walk in the store. That’s when they clean it and take out dead ones. Gross.

Sometimes I see adults showing little children; “Look at the lobsters piled up on top of each other in the corner of this tank with rubber bands on their claws!” They tap on the tank to scare them some more. The look on the kid’s face is always bewilderment, not being able to formulate words to all the questions going through their head.

We, in the bakery, have noticed an horrific (yes, its ‘an’) smell coming from the drains. My boss suspects we are down-drain from meat and seafood and so the water flows through rotting flesh that sticks to the sides of the drain pipes. I regularly hose the drains with drain cleaner which is a real hassle. It’s a little plastic bottle that ‘snaps’ onto the end of an industrial size hose and blasts harsh chemicals. It’s impossible to not get sprayed taking it on and off the hose nozzle.  This makes my list of “Reasons to quit when I turn 65”.

Sometimes good smells can drive you crazy, too. Even though I dry my clothes outside in the summer and by the wood stove in the winter, I still fluff them in the dryer with dryer sheets. I used to buy unscented generic dryer sheets and sprinkle on essential oils but they stopped selling them. Then the Big Brand name came out with unscented dryer sheets at a premium price. Screw that, I’d suffer with ‘linen’ or ‘spring fresh’.  However, recently I bought “Aromatherapy” because I almost like the smell. Holy Moly, I had to put them in a plastic bag, the smell was so overpowering it filled the house!

I love patchouli. You know, the hippy smell. It’s funny how many people either love or hate patchouli. It probably conjures up a memory of someone they loved or hated. I wish I could buy patchouli dryer sheets.

My B.O. smells like onions.



4 thoughts on “On Smelling… SoCS

  1. Reading this was like a roller coaster ride for my olfactory imagination. Thanks for the patchouli which I enjoy in small doses. And thanks for curing me from eating lobster once and for all. They really are pathetic. No more lobster for me.

  2. You took me on quite a journey here. Your writing really evoked the smells you describe. I’m not a patchouli fan but I do love the smell I associate with the old hippy days – sandalwood.

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