SoCS; All or Nothing

It’s all or nothing when you work in the summer in a tourist/beach town grocery store. You must be prepared to work weekends and nights with just a few spotty days off here and there.

A couple of weeks ago a notice appeared where we punch in. “Black out for vacations for Victoria Day Weekend and all of July and August.” No one can ask for holidays.

This weekend it’s all hands on deck. I have four days of seven hour shifts. Yesterday I worked 2:00 to 9:10.  We are now open until 11:00 but we close down the bakery at 9:00.  Today I’m going in for 11:00 to 6:00 but I don’t have to close which means not cleaning the whole damn place! I am walking out of there at 6:00 leaving all the mess behind!

I hope. When it comes to cleaning, I’m all or nothing. I can’t do a half-assed job; that’s why I’m always staying later. The new girl is 19 years old and so s…l…o…w   its excruciating watching her. It’s obvious she doesn’t understand what CLEAN is. I tried to show her the right way, and I mean the way we were trained, but she does it another way. By that time I could no longer argue with her and just cleaned the work tables again when she left. Tonight she can do it as bad as she wants because I won’t be there!

But I am closing Sunday and Monday afternoon/ night.

The money, I’m doing it for the money. It’s all or nothing: I can either do it or I can quit. I have six months to go…… I can do this.


Something funny happened yesterday. I wrote on Facebook that I was working all weekend (yes, everyone has to know) and a friend wrote back to “watch my ps’ and qs'”.  When I went into work my boss told me to “watch my ps’ and qs'”!  How often does anyone say that? And by two people thousands of miles apart at almost the same time!  And I don’t really know what it means! My boss said it meant we can’t be negative to the new girl because she telling the owner we are mean to her. (Another reason I didn’t argue about her cleaning methods.)

So…. anyone who got this far…….. what does “minding your ps’ and qs'” mean to you?