Speak My Language


SoCSNobody at work speaks my language. Last time I was there I was so disappointed listening to my co-workers criticize and laugh at other people and generally talk about small, petty things.  Everything I had to say was a joke and I really hate double entendres.  Being a vegetarian and liking nature makes me a weirdo. I can feel the eyeballs rolling behind my back.

I’ve been working there for 3½ years and haven’t made any friends I can hang out with. I’m just too different from most people and I really don’t want to hang out with people who talk shit. I’d rather go for hikes in the woods than to a mall shopping. I don’t drink alcohol. I almost feel like I have to say, “….but I smoke pot…..”

Good thing my mom taught us this when we were young: “learn to enjoy your own company”.

That’s one reason why I appreciate you fellow bloggers so much; YOU SPEAK MY LANGUAGE!!!!!



One thought on “Speak My Language

  1. Well, at least they know that vegetarians who like nature more than malls do exist. Who knows, maybe some of them will grow up some day and you have planted a seed or two. I hope you can find some someone who speakes your language somewhere out there. It is easier to find people who speak your language here. I’m glad you’re here.

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