Speak My Language


SoCSNobody at work speaks my language. Last time I was there I was so disappointed listening to my co-workers criticize and laugh at other people and generally talk about small, petty things.  Everything I had to say was a joke and I really hate double entendres.  Being a vegetarian and liking nature makes me a weirdo. I can feel the eyeballs rolling behind my back.

I’ve been working there for 3½ years and haven’t made any friends I can hang out with. I’m just too different from most people and I really don’t want to hang out with people who talk shit. I’d rather go for hikes in the woods than to a mall shopping. I don’t drink alcohol. I almost feel like I have to say, “….but I smoke pot…..”

Good thing my mom taught us this when we were young: “learn to enjoy your own company”.

That’s one reason why I appreciate you fellow bloggers so much; YOU SPEAK MY LANGUAGE!!!!!