Bathed in Pink

For a person who doesn’t usually like pink I’m loving it now!

First I’ll tell you why I rarely, if ever, wear pink: one of my pet peeves is grown women who act like little girls to be cute. It’s not the colour itself but what it represents. Same feeling when I see a grown woman wearing pig-tails……. god, I hate that.   I can tolerate dusty rose and fuchsia but rarely will a pink piece of clothing catch my eye.

However, these days I’m swooning in pink because I have an old crabapple that is in full bloom and I mean FULL bloom. It is completely covered in blossoms. There are other apple trees nearby that are a soft pink so my yard is a giant bouquet!

Today is cloudy but for a couple of days the sun shone on that tree and reflected pink light into the house. I walked into my living room, bathed in pink and the TV was reflecting the tree from the window; I was blown away by beauty!

The room that is right beside the tree looks out at just blossoms and everything had a pink hue. It was literally like looking through rose coloured glasses. Too bad it’s the storage/ back entrance but it sure made an ugly room beautiful.

It was so hard to go into work yesterday. Flowers all around, birds merrily chirping ….. you could almost hear angels singing! Then I had to put on that stupid uniform and go into the back of the grocery store; it feels like doing penance.

I’ve been taking photos of my crabapple and posting it on Facebook because I have to share it! Soon it will be gone…… pink petals raining down and collecting on the ground.

I’m not working today; this is a fairly easy week but next week I have four work days with some 7 hour shifts. Starting next Friday (Victoria Day Weekend) the bakery will be open until 9:00 pm. I’m going to get very grouchy next week.

Good thing I have this beautiful tree to soothe my soul.

blal, 001

This taken from my bedroom window overtop the woodshed.

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