In My Yard

I just had four glorious days off and didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted to. In the morning I imagine all the things I’m going to do in my yard but then burn out too soon.

It started out too hot this week, that’s how nice its been. I had to wear long sleeves as I have no sunscreen; went out twice and forgot it twice. The next days were perfect for working; I moved some things, pruned some things, weeded some things…. anything to just be outside.

I have a very big yard, it’s the size of two or three regular city back yards. I’ve been working on making different areas that you walk into and around. My imagination, however, is way beyond what I can do once I actually start digging. I just don’t have the stamina to work like I did when I was younger. That should come as no surprise but it sure is disappointing. Since I started this job 3½ ago, the grass has been taking over some of my past work and digging out sod is damn hard!

I was going to start spring cleaning this week, too, but didn’t.  I did the usual daily maintenance but just enough to get out into the yard. Then I’m only good for a few hours and its nappy time. Oh man, that’s a good day!

Yesterday I was sitting on my garden bench pruning thyme when I saw a huge tick running across my sleeve towards my wrist. So gross! I flicked it off and pruned a bit more but couldn’t stand it. I had to run inside, totally strip, and check out my back with a hand mirror. I hadn’t been in the woods or tall grass so be vigilant!

Well, it’s cool and rainy today so that makes it a little easier to drag myself into that fake world of fluorescent lights, music, announcements, noise, customers, while wearing very uncomfortable clothing…. and that damn hat. Torture!

Next week I have the same four days off. I’m going to get so much done…….


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “yard.”


4 thoughts on “In My Yard

  1. Reblogged this on Finding Myself Through Writing and commented:
    I had four days to myself last week also and had high expectations of accomplishing so much. I was going to write, clean, write, paint, write…..Did it happen? No. Seems like monicleblog was in the same boat! I think that I was so overwhelmed with having all that time to myself I sat back and basked in the glory!

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