I Put a Spell on You

“I put a spell on you because you’re MINE. You better stop the things yur doin’, Look out! I aint’ lyin'”

One of my all time favourite songs. How many people have done that song? It’s raw and powerful…. you feel the passion. I love to sing it, too.

Written by Screaming Jay Hopkins, beautifully sung by Nina Simone, later brought to my generation through Creedence Clearwater Revival and recently by Annie Lennox.  That’s what kind of singer you have to be. No cutesy Taylor Swift or Adrianna Grande could pull this off.

My ex husband visited me this week. It was nice and polite and a great reminder of how well I’m doing now. At one time I sang this song to him in my head but now it’s long past that. He didn’t change his evil ways and we separated.

I worked four days this week and he visited me on my day off so I’m worn down.  I have today off to re-couperate, re-group and reflect. After all, it’s still Mercury in retrograde.

I think I’ll go look back a few of my favourite versions. This is my stream of consciousness.



Yeah, I ain’t gonna take no more of your putting me down. Ain’t gonna take no more of your messing around.  But good luck, honey, you’re no longer mine.