Cranky Mood

The Saturday Stream of Consciousness’ prompt is “moo” and the Daily Post Prompt is ‘cranky’. Talk about handing me that on a silver platter; I’m already in a cranky mood.

It’s Easter Long Weekend and I have to go in to work this afternoon and evening. Right now it’s cloudy and foggy but this afternoon its going to be sunny and 24 degrees. (75 F) I’m going to put on those horrible clothes, go to the back of the store and deal with the hoards that will march by today, ransacking the bakery, demanding the perfect food.

The worst are the ladies over 50 with lists. A look of panic on their face as they approach me; “Do you have ________?”   “Oh, Thank God! You’ve saved my life!” 

Worse if you don’t have the thing they want, “OH NO! What am I going to DO?”

I’m expecting the phone to ring anytime now to ask me to come in early. I’ll have a ton of work and a ton of dishes and I’ll be lucky to get out at 7:00. Grrr.

(Happy thought; next Easter I won’t be there!)


My toolbar is on the side. I hate that! There it is, now, at the side of my left eye bugging the shit out of me. I don’t know how it happened and I forget how to get it back to the bottom…… where it belongs!!!!

Luckily, I arranged to have tomorrow off weeks ago so I can go to my niece’s in Kincardine. All the kids will be there, big and small, and I’m really looking forward to it.

So my mood is merely cranky. If I was working all weekend and missing my family, my mood would be much worse.


I have find out how to move that damn toolbar back now.

2 thoughts on “Cranky Mood

  1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who can’t figure out and then forgets how to manage all the electronic nuisances! Blah!

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