SoSC; give, given, giving

Given the opportunity, I will stay home. One good thing about The Job is making my days off that much more enjoyable.

Like today; I’m reveling in the fact I don’t have to work today and it’s going to be warm and sunny.  Too many good afternoons were spent in back of that grocery store: the outside a distant strip of light.  People come into the store saying, “Oh, it’s so beautiful out!”  Yes, thanks for telling me.

Yesterday I went out although I really didn’t have to. It was sunny but very cold with a biting wind. I went to visit my aunt in the nursing home. We’ve been watching The Music Man in installments while she eats dark chocolate and some chips. We didn’t quite get to the ending; as soon as the 76 trombone finale started she motioned she wanted to go to the lunch room.

So I didn’t have to visit my aunt but it makes staying home today more enjoyable knowing that is behind me. It’s giving with a selfish motive.

I’ve lost my train of thought because I don’t have one. My stream of consciousness is a babbling brook.  Time to get out of this cubby and go enjoy this fabulous day I’ve been given!