Purple Haze

The prompt today is ‘purple’. This is a colour to write about; a colour with meaning. It evokes an emotional response. In me, at least.

I will never forget the purple dress my mom made me when I was 11 years old. She was very good at sewing and often took us to Fabricland to pick out a pattern and fabric for our own, custom-made dress. I’m pretty sure I chose the fabric, because only I would have picked purple, not my mom.

Being a kid I guess I forgot about it….. until the day I opened it up as a present. I honestly can’t remember if it was my birthday or Christmas as they are only a month apart but I do remember opening that box and taking out the most beautiful purple dress I had ever seen! Not a flouncy, girly dress, but a tunic with long sleeves; folds sewn down the front to give a few pleats at the bottom. Sleeves that were long enough: I could never get sleeves long enough for me. She had sewn on a extra piece to look like a cuff.  And it was lined making it so comfortable! I loved it so much!

What was really amazing about it was that I never saw her making it! It was a total surprise! I don’t know how she could keep it a secret when we lived in a two bedroom apartment but she did. She worked in an office everyday so it’s not like she made while I was at school; I got home before her!  No, I can’t figure out how she did it except that I must have been a pretty oblivious kid.

I wish I had kept that dress. It went along with my original Barbie and all those Barbie dresses. I’d grown out of them so…… toss.


All through my grown hippy years I liked dark green because it was the forest and nature but now I ‘m back to purple. I have quite a collection of fuzzy microfiber purple throws that adorn my old couch in layers. When I’m getting ready for work, I’m also preparing to come home. My default position is laying in a purple haze on my couch.

Oh, I stay healthy. I eat well, exercise and stay active. But only so I can get back to being swaddled in purple fuzz.

The next two days I’m on 2:00 to 7:00. The throws will be neatly spread or folded to greet me when I get home about 7:35.  I program my furnace to come on so its warm when I walk in. That way I can take my uniform off right away  and put on soft cotton pajamas. This small thing makes me very happy. It’s almost worth it to have this job just for the sheer joy of getting home.

Almost. They have brought back the 1950’s music and we are all ready to kill. It’s OK to hear it for a short time every once in a while but try working to it hours on end, hearing the same songs everyday. It’s probably why there was a big fight the other day….. they are driving us insane!

I’m getting ready to spend 5 hours in that flourescent hell just to get back to my purple sanctuary.



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