Four weeks before I start!

Doing a re-blog today. Karyn is quitting her job and getting ready to walk the Appalachian Trial which takes months to do. I’m hoping we walk it vicariously with her. Good Luck, Karyn!

Karyn's Domain

It’s the first day of a five day break from work after having worked five days in the last seven at, what I can legitimately refer to as, the asylum. It’s been crazy; the manager disappeared and will not be replaced, the staffing is so short that we can’t fill a week’s schedule without holes and godforebid someone call out sick. All I can say is; with all this sh*t, IAMSOGLADIAMLEAVING!!!

I haven’t decided on a final day or even when I will give my resignation (depends on if I get paid my overtime and a few other concerns). I have reserved my  two night stay at a hostel, the TeaHorse, in W. Virginia before I start my northbound section of the AT from Harpers Ferry to Maine. Then I will flip back to HF and go south to GA, *known as a Flip-Flop thru-hike, it’s on…

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