Accepting a Good Life

Recently I ranted about how sick I was of my job and couldn’t wait to quit. But yesterday I was feeling very good and have to accept the fact that I need to work and it’s giving me the ability to really enjoy the days I don’t have to work. I’m still sick of it but there is only eight months to go; the end is in sight.

I thought it would be a good idea to write about the ‘ups’ and not just the ‘downs’ so you don’t think I live in permanent depression.

Yesterday I went for a bone density test as I was diagnosed with osteoporosis a year ago. I’ve been taking medication monthly and 5000 IU of Vitamin D everyday * so we want to see if I’m holding my own, bone wise.

Being at the hospital reminded me of how damn lucky I am. First that I’m so healthy; seeing all those sick people that can’t just walk out into the sunlight reminded me of that.  The second that it is all free; just show your health card. Having all this news about Trump, health care and the costs just to be covered, reminds all of us Canadians how lucky we are. So soon we forget what we have and take it for granted.

It was a beautiful spring day yesterday; I did some shopping before and after my appointment and decided to go for a walk on the trail when I got home. What a life!

I felt elated, in a spiritual high. The sunshine, the trees, the sound of waves at the nearby beach, the blue sky behind shining silver birches was better than any church or cathedral. No worries, nowhere I have to be, no one expecting anything from me. Gosh, so lucky.

We can always see people with a way better life, then see people with an horrendously worse life. The spectrum of human experience is so vast, we are lucky if we can hold out in the middle somewhere.

So yes, today I have total acceptance of my life…… I’ve got it pretty damn good all things considered.





*footnote; My doctor told me to take 5000 IU of Vit, D everyday for the osteoporosis. It helped my moods so much! I definitely felt much better mentally and can feel it when I’ve missed a few days. Everyone; please take Vit. D….. it’s cheap and it works!

7 thoughts on “Accepting a Good Life

  1. Oh, I am so happy to read this post (yes, I was concerned that you are/were dysthymic)!! Agreed, we do not appreciate the positive in our lives until we are faced with, either our own or someone else’s misfortune. I loved this post and your photos. Keep your chin up, looking at the beauty around you.
    And, thank you for the re-blog! I am definitely going to use my blog to ‘journal’ my hike, post photos and piss’n’moan some too.

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