Oh, man…. a SoSC rant

Oh, man, am I ever sick of this job. (I can say it like this because; “Oh, man” is part of my vocabulary.)

Oh, man, am I sick of the drama. Yesterday I was working with co-workers mad at each other. Bitch, bitch, bitch…… but not to each other, to me when the other is out of ear shot. Their shifts were supposed to over-lap by two hours. I don’t think they worked side by side even 15 minutes. The baker left early and my co-worker got so pissed off she took her break after she’d only been there for one hour. I could have left an hour early but got stuck with what both of them were supposed to be doing! I’m sick of them both.

Oh, man, am I ever sick of wearing that uniform. Long johns under polyester pants with a belt and long-sleeved T-shirt under a button-down shirt and a sweater if its really cold.  After a half-hour drive in my whole groin area is soaked in sweat. I ruined my ‘good’ work pants splashing them with a chlorine floor cleaner, now I have pants with no ass at all so the waist band pulls into my gut. (And I’m lucky to have them because they aren’t giving out pants anymore.) Uncomfortable is too easy a word for how that fucking uniform feels. You can’t know how much I hate that fucking baseball cap.

I’m working all weekend again; it’s OK because I get weekdays off. I’ve been living around my schedule for three years now and spending most of my days off alone, trying to keep my life livable. I haven’t been on a vacation in over 10 years, maybe 15 even. Oh, man, I’m so fucking sick of it I could (and do) scream!

Eight months left before I get OAS; Old Age Security pension. Yes, old age. Too old for this bullshit!

How about meeting a man? That would be nice. I haven’t even met anyone I’m interested in meeting. And I’m sure not going to meet anyone wearing that fucking baseball cap and hair net and six layers of clothing around my middle and a resting bitch face.

While, I’m ranting and the subject is ‘man’, OMG what a shell of a man that Trump is. I am utterly disgusted at that clip of him with Angela Merkel , not shaking her hand. Oh, man, he’s such a pig!!! Surely he will get impeached….. how can they tolerate this ignorance?

Closer to home; he has dismantled the legislation that helps keep The Great Lakes clean along with other environmental checks and balances. He’s a disaster!

This is why I haven’t been writing; I’ve been so fed-up this week all I can do is rant and you, my followers, are the only ones I can rant to.

The next two days I’m on 2:00 to 7:00. Oh, man, I’m so sick of this job.


Thank You for listening.






16 thoughts on “Oh, man…. a SoSC rant

  1. Oh, man! Heh, that’s how I started my SoCS ramble, too. For similar reasons. I, too, say “Oh, maaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn!” when I’m not saying other things, like “WTF?” While I work with bitches, you have me beat with the awful uniform. Ugh. Ugh. You know, generally when I grocery shop I’m oblivious to just about everyone, but I look at the people behind the bakery, deli, etc., counters now, and think of you. I am usually nice to staff, but I think you’ve made me a little more so. So there’s that. At least I get to sit down during work. It isn’t fair that Canada has that hottie, and we get what “we” kindasortanotreally voted for…

  2. I can’t even stand to watch that shell of a man. Every time I do, it makes me sick and I want to stay well. Speaking of which, I hope you take extra good care of yourself over these next 8 months and dream about where you want to go on vacation! Sounds like you’re in the home stretch!

  3. Watching Mr. Trump is such a tiresome affair that I’m learning to look at him in small doses though I couldn’t help watching the embarrassing episode with Angela Merkel. I hope you feel better after letting out the rant 🙂

  4. “all I can do is rant and you, my followers, are the only ones I can rant to.”

    That’s what we’re here for.

    Hang in, my dear. I hope those eight months go by in a flash for you.

  5. Hope the rant helped! We all have days like those, and colleagues that those, and moments like those! I read a book or write a book or a blog post and then I feel better!

  6. It’s been awhile since I’ve “seen” you (I found you in my “junk” hah!) I’ve read about five posts now – some were older – do u ever go back and read stuff from years ago?

      • well, it’s complicated: I was accepted to blog on the AT website “The Trek” and in order to do that I had to create another site so “Karyn’s Domain” is the result. I’ve been too busy preparing to do much blogging and I really liked my “Thru-HikeR” site — and as one who does not understand the complicated works of the web, even when I go back to Thru-HikeR, “IT” diverts me to “Karyn’s..” so – Yes, you are probably following me on both. Sorry. I guess to keep it simple I will use Karyn’s Domain for my hiking ‘journal’ and have hyperlinks to The Trek. thanks for asking ❤

      • Your blog inspired me to write this morning but now I am restless and I have to go “do something” instead. I hope you are well. I really love reading your blog.

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