My Cozy Hideout

Ah, I can breathe a sigh of relief I’m in my hideout today. It’s foggy outside but I’m OK with that. It insulates the sound making it feel even more peaceful, swaddled.

This was long weekend, Family Day,  with record-breaking temperatures and sun, sun, sun. Our store stays open on Family Day because we are in a tourist town and the great weather brought them out in droves.

Saturday started with the funeral, then into chaos at the bakery as it was so busy and the new girl didn’t show up. Sunday I was called in early because it was so busy again. Sunday night the freezer broke down so I was called in early Monday to help with that. That’s as short as I can tell it, I’m too tired to even write about. If you’ve ever had a freezer break down, imagine one room-sized with metal shelving.

All the while dealing with customers who aren’t satisfied. Yesterday I could hardly talk and yet had to explain over and over why I couldn’t get cake out of the freezer; the one in the display is a display. Or why we were out of bread again.

I still don’t want to talk at all. The furnace is off, the wood stove going….. time to move this ‘dead horse’ into the living room.

My boss already called this morning to come in tomorrow and catch up on cakes but I can stay home in my hideout today. It’s warm, cozy and quiet. The fog is comforting for my poor foggy brain.