SoSC: so/sow/sew

So I can sow and sew; that’s why I want to retire.

Since I’ve been working at the grocery store I’ve done very little gardening. It’s all I can do to work there four or five days a week and keep myself going. I have no energy to go out after work and look after a garden. On my days off I clean my house, do laundry, mow my lawn and try to get some rest.  Some days off I have to lie in a dark, quiet room nursing a head ache from the stress of that job. I miss beach days with the kids and my place gets messy, inside and out. Summers are a bummer but I need that work to save enough money to get through the winter.

One more summer, I only have one more summer to go, then I turn 65. So next summer, 2018, I will be sowing seeds and growing flowers and vegetables again. I can work in the garden and that’s my job for the day. I’ll have a nap and make myself a good meal. Oh yeah, that’s a good life!

In the winter my hours are cut back and I could sew but I still keep busy enough maintaining my home and myself. If I had everyday off I would probably get back to crafting and sewing but so far I haven’t been bored enough. It’s nice having the time to keep my place clean and relax, too, not spend my days off ‘catching up’ for more work.

I want to retire so I can be an old sow and sew!