Have You Heard?


Have you heard? Even here in Canada Trump trumps everything else in the news so maybe those in other countries haven’t heard; Canada has its own Donald Trump.


You may be familiar with Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank. He’s the heartless investor that shoots down people’s dreams sneering, ‘Show me the money, all I care about is monneeey’

Before Shark Tank there was Dragon’s Den.  The reality TV show about five Canadian investors investing in small business became so popular it spun off down south and Kevin went with it.


Now he needs to be even bigger and with the success of Donald Trump he can see Himself seated at the top up here.

He thinks Trudeau is driving the country into ruin and he’s going to fix it as if it’s a big money-making corporation where the weak are trampled underfoot by the strong and ‘successful’. He has no sympathy for someone who has lost all their money chasing a dream. He has disdain for the ‘tree-huggers’ who care for the environment more than the economy.

He was a little late announcing his candidacy to avoid the debate in Quebec because he doesn’t speak French; he’s now taking a crash course. After all, he’s been living and working in the USA for years. Canada is ‘the cottage’ for him.

Margaret Wente of the Globe and Mail,  says this;

Kevin O’Leary is appalling. He’s a Trump-lite bully with no political experience and no qualifications to lead a major political party. A reality-TV star who’s long on swagger and short on substance. A braggart with an iffy business record. Besides, he’s basically a carpetbagger. Most of the time he lives in Boston!”

Sound familiar? For more scathing and thoroughly enjoyable critiques; read her article; http://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/the-great-temptation-of-kevin-oleary/article33916053/?click=sf_globefb


I have a feeling, a sinking ‘it can’t be true’ feeling, that you are looking at our next Prime Minister.


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