SoCS: Hair

Today’s prompt is a reminder of the thing that’s nagging at me the last few weeks: the need for a hair cut. It’s jagged and uneven so every time I look in the mirror I think “I have to get hair cut”. You’d think it was some horrible ordeal like going to the dentist.

I had a tooth pulled a month ago; now that’s an ordeal! It’s taken this long to get over it and the hole still bothers me along with the memories of her breaking the tooth in half and pulling it. Is it possible to have PTSD from an extraction? The memory of it kept playing over and over in my head. When I stick my tongue in the hole my knees go rubbery but I can’t help sticking my tongue in the hole.

Getting a haircut is easy by comparison and the results are far more pleasant. I was going to a hairdresser just down the road from me. She has her own little place at her home. Its nice and cosy and she plays my kind of music. She’s a little younger than me but not much, loves my grey streaks and doesn’t bug me to dye my hair. I like her; we connected.

However, last summer I was getting my car serviced and did a ‘walk-in’ hair cut in town while I was waiting. It was so much better! At work people (women) were commenting on how much they loved my hair (that is in the lunchroom before it goes into a hair net) whereas they never noticed when I got it cut before.

The next time I went back to my regular hairdresser and was so disappointed. It was just not a good cut. That is the last cut I had and now it looks awful. Haggish. My hair net pulls it up and moves it around my head so I look like a scrag. OK, maybe only to me but it’s making me feel that way.

Why do I have to feel loyal to a hairdresser? Am I worried she might remember me and wonder where I’ve been, for Pete’s sake? I’m going to make an appointment with the other hairdresser.


Next week. That’s the other problem: I like staying home so much that getting my hair cut just isn’t important enough.

Until I look in the mirror.

It’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday and the prompt is ‘hair’.
That’s my excuse for this totally boring post.