Sexy Scent…. for cats

About a month ago there was this phantom scent that would waft by me. A sour, acrid scent that was just beyond my memory…. “what and where is that coming from?”

At first I was afraid it was me, sweating from hot flashes in my microfiber throws and pillows. For the next few days I laundered them all along with my house coat, slippers, work shirts by the back door, anything I could find that hadn’t been laundered in while but still that stinky scent would waft past me in the kitchen or living room.

Even at work I thought I smelled it but by that time I had gotten obsessed going around the house like a bloodhound, sniffing everything. It was driving me crazy.

It was four or five days before the scent worked through my memory files and the light bulb went on. Cat come. Male feline spray.  I was taking wood from a pile what was about a foot off the ground.

The cold must mask the smell a little because I never noticed it taking the wood into the house. But once it warmed by the wood stove the odour would rise up, get into the ceiling fan which would blow it onto the couch or into the kitchen. It moved around like a phantom appearing in different places.

Problem solved when I used up that pile of wood. Hopefully he won’t keep coming back. (pardon the pun)

Cat spray is one awful scent: its hard to believe it could be so pleasing to a female cat.