Wood/ Would

I would like to talk about how much I love firewood. Everything about firewood; getting it, stacking it, bringing it in the house, burning it and poking it.

It’s not cheap but it’s cheaper than propane and WAY cheaper than electricity. This year I’ve spent $465 on wood but much of that will be for next year, too.  I have a propane furnace which would cost me about $400 a month if I didn’t supplement that with wood heat. But I sure love that furnace in the morning!

I buy ‘body’ wood or pre-cut and split big pieces and also slab wood which is very cheap from the local sawmill. This way I have small pieces and don’t have to worry about splitting wood which I don’t do. I tried it once and started to cry.

delivered and dumped on my driveway
stacked in the wood shed

But that’s enough about wood.


Years ago I was in a store playing country music and heard this; (I wish you could hear it in the country drone)

“Remember when we said ‘I do’, you did but now you dooon’t….”

True! And so funny I used it whenever I made fun of country music. I wrote the next line;

Remember when you said you could, you would but now you wooon’t….”


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Just Jot It January is: “wood/would.” Use one, use both, use them any way you would like. Have fun!