Pulled/ Puzzle

Five days ago I had a tooth pulled and still feel like poop. There is a gaping hole in the back of my mouth that aches and has little spikes of stitches……  oh god…. stitches are the worst thing me.  That’s what make my knees go rubbery.

Mid-January was not a good time to have a tooth pulled. Its gloomy; we’ve had no sun for weeks and very little snow which is a fluke; the snow has been missing us while storms rage around us. Its been great for driving to and from work but it’s grey and desolate looking. It’s a recipe for depression.

The sun can barely make it above a line of cedars along the south side of my house. By the time it reaches the end of the line it’s already setting. Soon however it will rise a little more each day and start hitting my couch in the afternoon. Time to pick out a puzzle. As the sun starts coming in I can position myself for optimum exposure by working on a jig-saw puzzle.

oh, boy. Something to look forward too.

Please excuse my poopy post….. it’s mid-January.