Ticket and Coats: SoCS

I don’t often buy lottery tickets because I rarely even get one number. But I had two tickets for the LottoMax $60 million draw yesterday. A little while ago I went onto the website for the winning numbers and had, not only four numbers, but the first four.

10…. check


18…. omg

19…. OMG OMG OMG!!!

Then it bottomed out.   I won a big $20.  but it is the closest I’ve ever come by far.

Yeah, I know the SoCS prompt is ‘coat’ but I really wanted to tell you that. That’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in a while.

Today I’m off work but I have to put on my super-coat, go out for gas at the rez (that’s Canadian for Reservation) and see if I can get a black cardigan at the Bargain Store. We are allowed to wear a black cardigan over our cotton shirt because it’s freezing cold at work. If I’m on a half hour break I cut it short to get back to the oven.

I bought my super-coat last summer at Costco. It has a removable down liner under a sturdy waterproof shell and is so warm. I like my black, sleek winter coat better because its different from everyone else’s but it’s not as warm as my new one.

Pretty boring, eh? That’s why I’m not doing Just Jot it January. I really just wanted to tell you about the ticket.