Tempted to Vent

Today I’m tempted to tell the whole world and everyone in it to go fuck themselves. Ever get in that mood? Its been happening for a few days now and I can’t seem to shake it.

Not you, my readers. I appreciate having a place where I can air my “go fuck yourself” attitude without damaging any relationships.

If I had the money I’d be tempted to book myself a nice sunny get-a-way: I’m sure that would cheer me up. However, I can’t afford it with my part-time minimum wage job that I need to pay my bills.

But according to others its just a fun, little job that I do to get out of the house. Gosh, I can do until I’m 70! Wouldn’t I like the extra cash?

And when I’m working cleaning the bakery at night and really, really tired apparently I’m not cheery enough when someone gives me more work.

It’s been a week where I’ve thought, “oh yeah, that’s why its better to be alone.”

This blog is called sixty, single and surviving because that is my life. I’m on my own, working part-time in a grocery store. It’s not fun, it’s not easy.

This time of year is the hardest because of the lack of sun. It’s gloomy and I have nothing to look forward to.

Oh yeah, I can keep telling myself I have it pretty good compared to some, that’s what I do.  But today…… today I just feel like telling everyone to go fuck themselves.

So please don’t send me encouraging advice on how to have faith that things will get better. Just let me be weak and depressed today. I’ve earned that right.