This time of year is conducive to moping. It’s dark, dreary and cold outside. On days I have to go out to work I long to be home….. moping. Lately I’ve realized how lucky I am to have the luxury of moping.

This ‘holiday’ season I spend a lot of time alone so I mope. A natural moper; I remember my mother admonishing me to: “Stop moping around!”

No one is coming over so who cares how my place looks. To buoy myself up I get every good thing I like to eat and watch movies and Netflix. I wear my most comfortable rags and mope. ‘Poor me, how did I end up so alone’……blah, blah, blah.

Christmas Day my sister and I met at my aunt’s nursing home in the morning then I went home to mope. But it’s not a bad thing; I have a family that loves me, it’s just how Dec. 25th turned out this year. I think about those people who are really alone; no family or anyone to care about them, how awful that must be.

Then there are the people driving off somewhere they don’t want to go, be in uncomfortable clothes and listen to people bitch and argue. They would love to do what I’m doing; stay home, get high, eat goodies and watch movies.

But when it really struck home was watching a story on a neighbourhood of people who had been evacuated from their homes due to a gas explosion months earlier. They were in hotels or family’s homes. They just wanted to get home and be in their routine. That’s when I realized how lucky I am to have the opportunity to mope. To be healthy enough that my body isn’t nagging at me with pain. To get up and have a leisurely coffee or two in front of my computer in my nice warm home. To have all my bills paid and still have some money in my savings (credit card not included).

We think we want more money or a wonderful partner or better lives. But what we really want is our for our familiar routine to go on and on. Having the luxury to let it all go for a day and just ‘mope around’.

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