SoCS: Pretty as You Feel

“You’re only pretty as you feel, only pretty as you feel inside.”

Funny how a forty year old song can pop into your head when prompted.

I feel prettier now than when I was pretty. I became the pretty girl in my youth after my youth was spent thinking I wasn’t pretty enough. Now that I’m 64 years old I marvel at how pretty we all were at that age and didn’t know it!  Why didn’t anyone tell us that we were pretty?

On my birthday my sister posted a photo of me around 20 years old. Shocking! Who is that pretty girl? It’s the same with all the old photos of my sister and my friends. We were all pretty and didn’t know it!

I was a late bloomer, according to my mom, in my forties when I ‘blossomed’. Fortunately, by that time I wasn’t that invested in staying pretty and took pride in other accomplishments, like caving and having my own little business. I learned to give to myself what others would not.

Then I get a glimpse of myself in my hair net and baseball hat under blaring fluorescent lights and I’m shocked! Who is that old lady? Not the pretty girl who left my house.

The point to this is; To all you young girls; You are pretty!  Tell all your friends that they are pretty!






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