The daily prompt is liminal. I had to look it up and now I have a new word.

I am in the liminal state between working and retirement. With only one year to go I can spit on the finish line. No, I don’t have a pension or anything put away. I’ll only get whatever pittance the government will give me but I’m working hard for a pittance now! Winter driving and cleaning at night, for a minimum wage job, is HARD and HARDly worth it but I have to do it.

Don’t tell me the numbers of how our bakery is doing. “It’s 96% today.” That means nothing to me. Just give me my schedule and I will try to do what you want to best of my ability. Just get me through one more summer of tourist hell to get the money I need to make to 65.

I’m no longer ambitious, not looking for a ‘better job’ with one year left.  I’m backing out the door. Contemplating, anticipating…… longing for retirement.

HA! the spell check didn’t even know this word!

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