Daily Prompt: Anticipation

Most of the world is in anticipation right now. Not the good kind of anticipation everyone had when Obama was elected. He gave us hope for the future. He made us believe we could make this world a better place.

With Donald Trump as president, my stomach turns in dread. It’s the anticipation you have before a job interview or a root canal, only magnified to encompass everyone in the whole world. Is he really going to be as bad as I am imagining? If so, I hope he’s SO bad the People just pick him up and toss him out.

The protesters at the Dakota Pipeline are being met with the same treatment the protesters endured during the civil rights movement in 1960’s; tear gas and hosing. With Trump siding with oil over environment, it’s going to get very ugly. This is how hard we will have to fight for our environment.

Even here in Canada there is a feeling the racists can air their views because they don’t have to be ‘politically correct’ anymore. It’s sickening. How can this be growing again?

Trump pointed out to everyone that now he is president he is above the law. He practically said ‘I can do whatever I want now, Nyah, Nyah!’.

Way back when he made fun of the disabled person I thought that would be it for him. Surely no one would want someone like that for president. Then there were even more disgusting things and still they said ‘yes, we want him for president!’

We are all in extreme anticipation! We are on the edge our seats in anticipation!



3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Anticipation

  1. The world trembles in fear… He will either be brilliant, turning America on its head and being the change it needs, or he will bomb. Let’s pray it’s the former because the world certainly doesn’t need another recession.

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