SoCS: memories

The prompt ‘mem’ after Remembrance Day is adding fuel to my sadness. I was even going to Google words with ‘mem’ to avoid the vast sea of sad memories stored away.

Yesterday I went to my aunt’s nursing home for a Remembrance Day service. Holy Moly, that’s DOUBLY sad. The very elderly lady who was supposed to read, “In Flanders Fields” kept forgetting to read and said, “It was so sad. Everyone died.” She did this a few times looking out at us…… still remembering how sad it was, unable to express it.

There are a few posts already with people remembering their Dad. I had posted a photo of my Dad in front of his airplane in the RCAF. He was happy then; a young man getting out in the world but there were no war stories from my Dad. Even if asked, he would say there was nothing good to talk about. He felt pain from having to bomb cities he knew held women and children and refused to “glamorize war.”

I don’t want to bring up old memories; parents, pets, marriage…… I’m beating them back into the over-stuffed closet of my old brain and trying to close the door.

I hope our world, as we know it, is not going to become a memory. There is so much hate and fear right now and it’s coming from the left just as much as the right. It makes me sad.

So don’t make me remember stuff right now and get ever sadder. It’s a sunny day and I don’t have to go to work; I can chip away at my firewood and walk on the trail. That makes me happy.

Nobody knows what is going to happen yet. He is so far out of his league he might just fail miserably until he gets impeached. But lets not add to the hateful rhetoric. Let’s be peace and love like we are always preaching to one another.

And Americans shouldn’t move here. They should stay and fight for Freedom and Equality for ALL: the virtues that so many have fought for and given their lives for.  We, in the rest of the world, NEED you to do that to save OUR planet.


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