Holy Moly I’m such a homebody. Very rarely will I go out unless I have to. Of course, I go to work and sometimes I have to go buy something but unless its urgent I will probably stay home.

Sometimes I have to go to TOWN to get stuff but it’s such a drag and it takes up most the day. I’ve usually compiled a list of things I need because there is no use in going to TOWN for just one thing. Right now I need furnace filters because no small hardware store, nor the hometown tiny Canadian Tire, around here has the right size. In the time I’ve taken driving to all the local stores to find the damn things I could have driven to Sarnia and got them along with the others things compiled on ‘The List’ of things I don’t need urgently. I’ve been telling myself for about six weeks ‘I’m going to Sarnia on my next day off’ then on my day off I think “Nah, I don’t need to go today.”

I’m on mostly night shifts now and after a night shift I take the day off. and I mean OFF. Horizontal. Yesterday I watched Ghosts of Shepherdstown and a movie. My generation hates lying around like this but I was goaded into working for so many years I think I’ve earned the right. There were no weekends off, no fun time with kids, no lazy days for at least 20 years. Caving was our holidays and I would come home exhausted with a ton of muddy gear to clean.  It took a long time to stop calling myself lazy and there is still a twinge of ‘being bad’ watching TV in the daytime. Work is not a virtue!

Any minute now a truck will be backing down my driveway with a load of firewood. Oh I love firewood! My woodshed is ready; I brought the wood left from last year forward so I can stack the new wood behind it. Wood heat is perfect for a homebody; keep those home-fires burning, poke it, play with it…… bring it in, clean up the mess.

However, having a propane furnace in the morning is AWESOME! In my old married days it would be freezing cold in the morning and take over an hour to heat up the house. I still laugh with glee in the morning when I simply ‘turn on the heat’.  Then take the whole day off!  HO…. my husband would have had a fit! I mean eyeball bulging, blow the top of his head off, fit!

This is my house, my home…… my sanctuary. Do I enjoy living alone? Hell, yes!



One thought on “Homebody

  1. Good for you. I always feel so guilty when I lay around mindlessly. But like you, I’d rather stay home than shop so I procrastinate going out. My husband needs simesthing and in the car he gets. I’d rather have a full list. ~Elle

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