When I first saw the prompt ‘dilemma’ I laughed that they spelled it wrong. Then I paused….. they wouldn’t post a one word typo, maybe it’s an American spelling. With a sinking feeling I went to the dictionary.

I’ve been spelling and saying dilemma wrong all my 63 and a half years. Me, who looks up every word I’m not sure of. Me, who always uses spell check in case I’m reading over it. Me, who prides myself on good spelling has been writing and saying ‘dilemma’ dilemma ; ……… damn! this thing even changes it automatically!

Dilemna; that’s what I thought it was. Isn’t it funny how you can use the wrong word for years and years not realizing it.

I don’t recall ever posting a blog about a dilemma I’ve had; that would invite advice from sources who only have a little piece of the whole puzzle. Very rarely can anyone affect my decision as I value my own judgement the most. I have a few minor dilemmas running around in my head but I’m not going to write them out for public opinion.

(Public, when I was a kid I wondered why they called it public hair when it was the only hair that wasn’t public)

You know, after all these years, I think I like ‘dilemna’ better. Dilemma just looks wrong now.


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