Bus Me!

You know what I’m looking forward to in old age? Getting bussed around. Yeah, c’mon, everyone, we’re going to WalMart!

There will be a schedule of things to do; shopping, going to conservation areas, shows, well, I’m not into theatre but who knows….. everyone will be my age and like stuff that I like.

Have you ever seen the schedules for seniors’ community centres? I can’t wait! Yoga, Tai Chi, walks, crafts, games, music……. all kinds of things to do.

And pot will be legal next year! Can you imagine how many boomers that secretly smoke pot will come out happily high? Lots, I hope. We’ll be able to get high and get bussed around. Not have to work because our measly pay will come in automatically. I don’t care if it’s not much: I don’t make much now and I have to work hard for it.

The beach community I live in is far away from big box stores which is fine but every couple of months I need to get into Town which is a 50 minute drive. I’ll have a list of things I can’t buy around here; it’s not worth driving to Town for one thing. It takes up most of the day because I’m beat by the time I get home. And I hate it. Unless I’m in desperate need of something, I put it off. If I can stay home on my days off; I do.

So it will be wonderful to have a bus take me where I want to go, wait for me and bring me home. And I can be a little high, too, because I’ll be old and can do whatever the hell I want!

See…. there ARE things to look forward to in old age!




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