Prompt: Jump

No. I cannot jump today. I’m still able and do jump at Zumba. Not as high as young people and it probably looks like a foot-to-foot shuffle to them but I jump as much as my knees will let me.

What a funny word jump is. Its one of those words that sounds like it is. You jetté up then land with a thump. I looked up the word for that and tried to read an article about it. Here’s an excerpt;

“Another example is “ump” words, which all seem to refer to round or round protruding things: rump, mumps, lump, hump. It is often noted that these words “sound round,” but that is, of course, very subjective. The theory of sound symbolism in general suffers from depending on subjectivity, and there is a great deal of back and forth between sounds symbolists and their opponents about particular examples and counterexamples (like glen, gland, or gluttony to the above), but it does have its proponents. Also, doubting sound symbolism does not automatically mean dismissing the suggestion that sound has some relation to meaning; it just means questioning such a direct link.”

I cannot read today. My brain just said ‘no’ to that weighty tome of an explanation. Jump sounds like what it is.

Last night I could not attend Zumba as I worked the dreaded ‘closing’ shift requiring vigorous cleaning. It’s as much of a workout as Zumba but definitely not as much fun. But I get paid and that’s why we all slog away at our jobs.

I’m off today and enjoying the peace, celebrating the Autumn Equinox. I should be jumping around a fire tonight. I’ll put on the Fireplace Channel and imagine I’m doing this:


Even if I’m working the day shift on Zumba day I don’t always go. After being on my feet all day I don’t want to jump on them. If I’m off early enough and can put my feet up….. I think I did it once.

What I feel like doing Zumba



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What I Look like doing Zumba