Slog? I wasn’t sure about the meaning of this so I looked up the definition:

“Too keep doing something even though it is difficult or boring.”

“To work at something in a steady and determined way”.

I’m a whiz at slogging! I can slog like there’s no tomorrow. Doing boring chores is a good chance to be ‘in the moment’, practicing ‘mindfulness’ and doing a mantra if you have one. It can really calm the mind.

The other day I picked wild grapes for jelly. It’s easy to pick them, the slogging part is preparing them for freezing. A long and boring job….. a great job!  I sat outside on my porch and picked each tiny grape off its stem. A beautiful breeze was blowing, rustling the birches and I felt great!

I freeze them so I can make the jelly later on in the fall someday when it’s chilly outside. I use my own apples, too, which aren’t ready yet. To pick grapes and make jelly the same day would take some serious slogging: I like to break the job up. In a couple of weeks the apples will be ready, I cut off the wormy parts and freeze the good parts.  Wild grape and apple jelly is definitely slogworthy!

Love these blue pearls!



Firewood; there’s another good job for slogging. When I get it delivered and dumped on my driveway, it looks like a huge job. The driveway is on the opposite side of the house as my woodshed. The woodshed is in a sunny location very near my back door where the wood comes into the house.

A few people have tried to convince me to let the pile sit in my driveway and take it in through the livingroom as I need it. Stupid! Lazy! These kind of people can’t handle slogging.

Wood warms you three times. When you stack it, when you bring it in and when you burn it! Love, love, love chipping away at firewood. I take three wheelbarrow loads and dump them it in the shed, then stack that pile. I can do that three or four times before my back hurts as I’m bent over stacking it.

I would rather do that than have a job.



The life I like to live is almost monastic, but without the discipline and austerity. That would be a little too much slogging for me.

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