My Heart Zings!

There’s a zing in the air, there’s a zing in my heart, Fall is in the air and I love it so much! (I’m singing this, Broadway style)

Yes, the heat has finally released its grip. That was a very long, very hot summer.

This morning I had to get the garbage out first thing, now that the tourists are gone they do their route much faster. I dug out my sweat pants and a sweat shirt and took the recycling bin up the driveway. The air zinged, still damp with morning dew but it was cool and sharp, not heavy and oppressive.

There is hardly any traffic on the road: its quiet and relaxed. Yesterday I worked and it was slow; we haven’t had a slow day in three months.  I could work on cakes and not talk for minutes at a time. It was cool enough to take my break in my car, parked in the back of the lot near some trees. With the sun-guard in the windshield and the windows open,  I could sit and relax in peace. I almost fell asleep.

Today I’m off and looking forward to being outside as much as possible and bringing the outside in!  So much of this summer was spent indoors with the curtains drawn. Today I can open the windows, let the sun shine in, lay out on the deck, walk on the trail (better carry a stick to break all the spider webs) ……aaahhh! I love Fall: Zing goes the strings of my heart!

Tonight Zumba starts back so I’ll have a zing to my step!