Elegant Eloquence

We need a return to Elegance. Young women are not learning how to be elegant; the way they dress and the way they sound; ending their sentences like broken down motors. Too many go out in public wearing what should just be underwear or should have underwear underneath. No one cares about good posture. They need better role models.


They sound just like this in Canada, too.


The movie “Carol” with Kate Blanchette brought back the elegance from the 1950’s that we saw in movies with stars like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Their beauty and elegance were captivating, they flowed in their rustling dresses, their voices were pleasing to  your ears. “Carol” brought back those times of dressing and speaking elegantly. (Unfortunately, that was the only thing about this movie I liked.)


I know this makes me sound old but I AM old: I’m from an elegant era.



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