Plop, another song stuck in my head

“Plop, plop, fizz, fizz: Oh, what a relief it is!”

Seriously? The first thing that plops into my mind is a commercial from 1958? I’m cursed, CURSED I tell you, with getting songs stuck in my head.

The grocery store I work in plays music (as do they all) and I am so extremely grateful that we have good music now. Oh, it could be bad. It could be country….. I would have to quit. No offence to country music lovers but anyone would go crazy having to listen to music they don’t like all day long. They went ‘country’ in another grocery store I go to on my day off. It’s OK for a short time and entertaining but I could not work to it for hours on end. Those songs would be stuck in my head forever they are so catchy!

“Talkin’ bout giirrrls, talkin’ bout truuucks…….”  oh yeah, that’s all I know but it got stuck in head for days.

Nothing is worse than getting a song in your head that you don’t like. I’ve been at home singing them and have to slap myself to shut-up!  Especially if I don’t know the words. Right now it’s “Ronnin’, Ronnin’…….”  I don’t know the song at all. I just sing the verse “Ronnin’, ronnin'” over and over.  I think it might be Gwen Stefani singing “Running, Running…….” but that’s all I can make out with the noise of the bakery over top.

I envy my co-worker. I made a comment on the music once and she said, “I don’t hear it, I just turn it off.” Wow. How do you do that? For about 6 weeks we switched to 1950’s pop music. It was OK for a day or two but hearing those songs every day can drive a person insane. It did drive me insane. I almost cried. She didn’t hear it, she turned it off in her head. Lucky her.

“Me and Sheila go for a ride. oh, oh, oh, oh, I feel lucky inside.”  That was a bad one.

“You can’t sit down, oh no, you can’t sit down. You can’t sit down, oh no, you can’t sit down……..”  Shut up already! I know I can’t sit down!!!

The day I came in and heard U2 my heart was filled with joy. “It’s a Beautiful Day!” Now we have good easy-listening rock from the 80’s to present time. A few allude me; Blondie’s song gets stuck in my head and I don’t know one word due to her breathy, weak voice.

But I sing it anyway, “Ha di a dah, do a hidely dah…… ” (I’ll have to do YouTube search, now I’m curious.)


I have the luxury of rambling today; I don’t even care what time it is. The tourist frenzy in our beach community came to an abrupt end yesterday. Being in a ‘designated tourist area’, our grocery store was open and very busy. Now it’s over: I have the rest of the week off and most of next week. I’ve saved up a substantial amount of money and feeling very satisfied….. I got through another summer!

“Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is!”  (oh god, I’m going to be singing that all day.)

I had to find these songs;