Racks of Cakes

Damn! A prompt I can really sink my teeth into (pun, intended) but I have to go to work and make cake!

That’s what I do for a living…. make cake. Well, they come pre-made and I cut them up and make them into birthday cakes or Snicker Bar cakes or whatever.

Yesterday I went into work and there were almost no cakes to be had. Our best sellers were sold out. I had to replace everything right away.

I had three customers in row ask to write on birthday cakes then had to replace them. People upset there were no Brownie Bar cakes…… I’m trying, I’m trying…… stop taking the damn birthday cakes!

Ahhh, today it’s over. Today the tourists leave the area in a mass exodus and we are happy to see them go!

Gotta go to work, now, then I have the rest of the week off!