When you are younger you accumulate things; knick-knacks for your home, clothing for every occasion and papers, lots of papers. You even go to second-hand shops and garage sales to find more things. On holidays you buy little mementoes, friends give you little gifts….. stuff accumulates. Stuff you don’t need but like.

When you are older you have too much stuff and it’s really hard to get rid of those things. I’ve been in this house for about 6 years and I have too much stuff. My fear is that I will die and my family will have to go through all this stuff. Good thing I’ll be dead and not embarrassed…. I hope. Maybe my penance will be having to watch them go through all my stuff and hear them say, “What the hell did she keep this for?”

One of the good things about being forced out my old home with my husband is that he got all the stuff we had accumulated. He bought most of it and I was sick of dusting it all. I wonder what that knick-knack mirror/shelf looks like now. I wonder if his place looks like something from Hoarders. Does he dust all those videos, DVD’s and Time-Life book collections?

Who am I to judge? I have piles of papers put aside to ‘go through later’ but never do. Too many litte things I’ve saved because I might need them later. Like cute boxes and bags…… I might use them one day.  Or clothes I haven’t worn in years but I might wear one day, or use the material. Who am I kidding?

I need to watch an episode of Hoarders. That inspires me to get rid of junk and vacuum up dust-balls and cobwebs. It’s scary that I see myself in those people….

“But I might be able to use that one day……”


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