The Fall Shiver

Was that a shiver I felt? How delicious!

It’s not the same as the shiver you get walking out of the refrigerated break room through the produce section. That is a stiff, cold-at-the-core freezing. We, in the bakery, stand in front of the oven after our breaks to warm up. That’s how air-conditioned our store is: it’s not hot in the bakery. One day, coming into work, a young woman in a tank top and tiny shorts came running out, hunched over, “That store is fricking freezing!”

Outside of the store, it’s been very hot and humid all of August. I was usually relieved to get into the store as my car doesn’t have air conditioning. Some days have been so hot, it’s just a hot breeze blowing with all the windows open. My whole crotch area gets sweaty. I drive in wearing a tank top then put on my thick, black neck-choking T-shirt when I get to work.

But last night it was a beautiful shiver when I opened the window at dusk; like an angel blowing a kiss. A cool front had come in and the humidity was blown away. I filled my lungs and breathed a big sigh of relief that summer is over!

Sorry, folks, but no one is happier than me (well, maybe mothers) that summer is over. I’ve made it though another summer of insanity at work. After Labour Day our population drops by about 80%. There are some locals who live here all year around, a lot of retired snowbirds who will leave after Thanksgiving. (They don’t have to shiver their way through winters.)

Autumn gives a beautiful kind of shiver that makes you put on a sweatshirt, take a walk on the trail then drink some hot cider. Soon the leaves will be turning and I’ll order firewood.  Oh, I love the fall!

Tonight is my last 10:00 p.m. shift as we close at 9:00 after Labour Day. I’m working Sunday and Monday of the long weekend then have the rest of the week off. Our cake sales will drop off dramatically.

For most people this weekend is the last chance to enjoy the summer then it’s back to drudgery on Tuesday. For me, the last fling is working this weekend then Tuesday I can breathe a sigh of relief that the insanity is over! I’m shivering with delight!