Gluttony is a vice we have to address in our society. You don’t hear that word often because we are sold on the idea that we can have it all…. luxury foods, wines, fruits……  we want it all and we want it cheap. We need those big businesses to come and find a way to mass produce the food we want.

I’ve written about his before as it’s something that really bothers me.

I walk by our lobster tank at work and it sickens me. They have to be alive because they have to be boiled alive. There in case someone a thousand miles away from the ocean wants a fresh, live lobster, on any given day they feel like it, and they want it cheap!  We are one little grocery store in a small town in Ontario, Canada so imagine the millions of lobsters out there in tanks across North America. And how many die before they are sold?

Our fish industry is depleting our oceans so we can have fish at low cost. Value Packs of fish sticks go into freezers for a quick meal. How much ends up getting thrown out? We don’t care, they’re cheap.

Or how about these big corporate stores like Canadian Tire and Shopper’s Drug Mart selling groceries now. Why? So you can one-stop-shop. But hardly anyone does. Imagine all the expired milk and dairy that is thrown out everyday. We are warehousing cows, pumping out millions of gallons a day to for an endless supply of dairy products. Always in stock; ordered in excess to make sure they never run out.

Almond milk;  Almonds became a huge cash crop in California, so much so they had to find a way to sell all those almonds. They came up with almond milk using millions of gallons of water to produce. Water, they are using lots and lots of precious water then heavily advertise/market it so we will buy it. “Never wanted it before? You do now!”

Salmon; it’s so healthy and we want it cheap. So salmon farms come into being to supply us with lots and lots of cheap salmon.

Controversial fish farm footage released

What are we doing? This is gluttony!  Salmon should be from the wild and cost a lot of money if you want it! Fish, chicken, beef….. it’s way too cheap! A burger for $2, are you kidding me? What are the real costs to our environment and our health?

We must take closer look at what we are eating and what it’s doing to our planet. We must recognize gluttony as a vice again.


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