You’re You…

…and can’t help being you. I’m me and can’t help being me. Tom, Dick and Jane are Tom, Dick and Jane and can’t help being themselves.

We are always pointing our fingers at everyone’s faults when we have plenty of our own. We all have big beams in our eyes, or motes…. somebody out there can remember the Bible quote, I have forgotten it and this is “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”

Sure Pokémon Go is a silly thing but if someone likes it, so what?  Yes, Religion causes wars but it also reminds people to be good, for goodness sake. Whatever name you want to put on God is alright, a rose by any other name……  Or if you don’t believe, OK, but don’t put down others because they do.

We all make mistakes! Some take great pleasure in pointing out others mistakes and then hide their own. (Like WordPress , for instance that won’t let me link ‘mistakes’ to today’s prompt.)

I’m just as guilty as anyone when it comes to being critical, but I try very hard to keep it to myself. When you’re about to put someone down or make fun of someone; Keep your mouth shut and keep your hands off your keyboard!