Can I Get a Witness?

Once again I’m going to use the prompt to complain about my job. It’s hard and I want a witness! I want someone to look at what I’m doing and “wow! that’s a lot at your age.” I won’t be offended; I know I’m old.

Yesterday, when I went in at 5:00, my heart sunk. There was a lot of work still to be done preparing breads and buns for the next day and racks of baked cookies needing to go in containers. There was also a note asking me to cut petit cakes….. ha!

The two people on ‘breads’ both left at 5:00 and I was alone. It was very busy with customers as the traffic was jammed from the local theatre getting out and it was raining. People were running in from the rain, dodging the traffic jam and campers came in for something to do.

I don’t expect people to look behind me when they are getting their bread sliced and say, “oh gosh, look at all this work”  They don’t notice….. I wouldn’t. But I expected the owner/manager to notice. He didn’t even look my way. I was almost staring him down: he must have been avoiding my glare. “Look at all this work they left me, dammit!”

I worked like a crazy fool, packing cookies to empty the racks I needed to put the trays of frozen buns on, with no one to complain too. I’m muttering profanities under my breath then someone asks “Can you write on this cake?”  I smile and say, “I sure can!” I can do it all!

It was after 10:00 when I got out the hose to do the floors. Our new floor cleaning system is a huge industrial hose with cleanser that shoots out. We sweep first, then hose down the floor, brush it with a deck brush, then squeegee the water down the drains. It’s a lot of hard work and late at night….. I’m so f*#ing tired by then.

If any of you have battled with putting a garden hose back on its spool, then you can understand what’s its like to fight with a hose. This one is big and heavy and tucked into a corner beside the sink. It twists and turns like an angry snake.  Wrestling that thing back onto the spool takes the last bit of energy I can muster up.

No one sees me! I should drag that hose out to the store floor and start shooting people. Look at me! I’m an old lady doing this and I’m losing my mind!  Can I get a witness?

But it’s 10:50 p.m. Only a few customers and out of range. I wind up the hose and turn out the bakery lights. I did it all.

3 thoughts on “Can I Get a Witness?

  1. Holy Crap! by YOURSELF you did all that? Looks like some employees need to get their butts in gear and act like they care about having a job. here’s hoping today is much much better for you.

  2. You Go Girl! Just remember, being unappreciated at work is soul sucking. I’d start looking for someone who will be thankful you are their employee. Heck, I’d never let you go id you were my employee. That manager is clueless.

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