Miniature Gardens

I’ve been thinking about doing one of those miniature fairy gardens. I have this stump;

needs some attention; future site of a fairy’s home?

It once was a Corkscrew Hazel that got a disease, scale I think. A few weak branches came out his year but shriveled away before flowering. I’m hoping some shoots come up in the spring but even so, the stump is beautiful on its own. It’s time to weed it and I’ve got fairy gardens on my mind.


For instance;

fairy 2           fairy 1

fairy 3         fairy4

You get the idea. Trouble is, I’m not very good at stuff like this. A couple of weeks ago I wanted a fountain bird bath to also attract butterflies and bees. I sent away for a solar-powered water fountain and bought a plastic tub for two dollars. I filled it with glass stones and one big stone that was meant to act as a waterfall.  It started to pump as soon as the sun hit it but the fountain attachment was so high it send all the water outside the tub. I had to take it down to a dribbler with no fountain attachment and can’t get it to run over the stone.

I’ve spent hours fiddling with it, taking out and re-arranging the stones but it always looks like this;


A nice addition to my herb garden but it doesn’t get many visitors.

I have Buddleia, summer phlox and other plants which I watered regularly during the drought to ensure those butterflies would flock over here. I’ve put out dishes with sponges and fruit peelings in bowls and get some visitors. But when an apple fell from my tree, rolled into the drivweay to rot in the sun,  there were butterflies all over it and lining up to wait for a turn.


The fairy garden would be a part of this little garden. There was an old slab of concrete from original house I’ve used for pots of herbs. Last year I aquired some used concrete slabs for a walkway and I’m still dressing them up. This little miniature area commands most of my gardening attention since it’s where I arrive home.

Because of this little spot, I know I could find happiness with only a little courtyard or balcony in the future.


lower left is The Stump. Perfect place for a Fairy Garden



Here I go again….. fiddling around with a silly notion when there are 100 more important things to be done. (Not important enough, though.)

One thought on “Miniature Gardens

  1. I love the idea! I need to garden more. Recently I found that mimosa trees attract butterflies and hummingbirds galore. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them mentioned before as attracting butterflies.

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